Should homework be banned?

A lot of students would gladly say yes to the teacher’s question: ‘should we stop giving you home assignments?’

According to a research report, teachers give students more homework than is necessary. Sometimes, students spend the whole night finishing an assignment! So, why should homework be banned?  Here are some reasons:

  1. The number one reason why students do not want homework is boredom, coupled with laziness. Some students consider 2 hours of homework after 9 hours in class, a punishment. They feel the need to play after long hours in school.
  2. Homework can be suspended to enable students to prepare well for examinations. Lengthy and complicated assignments can discourage students from putting in their best during exams.
  3. It can also affect students’ mental health due to stress from those assignments. The adverse effect of complicated homework on students’ health is traceable in their performance in class.
  4. Students who are in between jobs and schooling find it challenging to combine homework with their extra tasks; hence, their performance may decline over time.
  5. Some teachers do not also give guidance on how students should go about their homework. Therefore, confusion may arise when they pick up their homework to solve. If teachers are not willing to give appropriate guidance, they should stop giving homework.
  6. The levels of perception of students differ, some comprehend easily, others do not, so, it would be fair for some while unfair for the others. This problem of inequality is another reason why we should do away with homework.
  7. Every student can not perform at the same level due to their inadequate writing and research skills. Those students are at the risk of failing, except they go the extra mile to learn how to write and carry out research.
  8. According to the OECD, the extra hours of homework has no real impact on student’s performance.
  9. Homework can be deemed unnecessary if it is unrelated to the subject. This is because it is improper to ask students to produce information on topics with which they are unfamiliar.
  10. Homework hours prevent students from having enough time with their parents, who are also always busy with work. This will continue to widen the care gap in the family.

Although homework has a lot of disadvantages, it also has its benefits. These include: helping students improve time management skills, develop critical thinking skills, be independent and enthusiastic in their endeavors, and helps them learn how to multitask and build research skills. However, it is terrible to give students homework a day to the exam; it can destabilize or confuse them. Fortunately, you can get affordable homework assistance at https://domyhomework123.com/, and forget about any troubles with difficult assignments.

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