Should Kids Have Homework?

I was thinking of the impact of homework on both physical and mental state how it reduces a student’s leisure and sleeping time. How it leads to cheating and how much it leads to social discrepancies.

Some persons opposed giving homework to kids and assured that it is not beneficial to the kid in any way. The proponents as well, argued that homework for kids improve their academic achievement, and gives room for their parent to be actively involved in the child’s academics. They also said homework enhances the child’s habits and life skills. And so they encourage that homework should be given and made compulsory for students.

Now is the crucial question that requires a critical response: Should kids be given homework?

Naturally, kids often make different complaints about the practice and structure of designating homework, but on the part of the teachers, homework is only for advancing the kids knowledge. This conflict has always been for years, and the balance is still being compromised. The big question remains: should kids have homework?

According to a child psychologist, the effort put into homework seldom yields a child’s enhancement in school. He also made mention of kids that fail to do their assignment as not being indolent. Some might feel so discouraged, frustrated, anxious or better still disinterested. Though some elementary schools considered no homework implementation, and they go with the plan of kids reading at night, have some play out time with friends and have a family dinner together with everyone.

While some have an alternative way of making homework less stressful and impacting, they believe that by reducing the amount of homework being assigned to a student and promote the quality of assignments. This can improve learning for the student and make it useful.

Indeed, sometimes it doesn’t come as expected, but when you think of how helpful this will be for your kid, it will be a way forward in making better comprehension of what is taught in their school. Here are some of the advantages of kids having homework

  • It helps them to quickly and correctly remember all that was taught in school for the day. Learning comes by consistency, allowing kids to solve questions over time helps them to assimilate quickly.
  • It improves independent work and develops self-discipline. It also brings the consciousness of responsibility for completing the homework being given to them.
  • Homework also allows parents to have active responsibility for their kids. Learning does not end in the four walls of a school. It also continues at home, and the parents are saddled with the responsibility to evaluate the child’s progress.
  • Homework reinforces skill concept and helps to promote good study habit.
  • It also helps to promote achievement attained by the kid giving room for self-actualization.

Thus, homework has positive impacts on kids. It gives the right attitude to learning. Nevertheless, we need to know that every kid has a peculiarity that should not be deprived of them.

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